War Talk: The Jabbing and Poking War Rhetoric Continues as the US and NKorea Duke It Out

“World War 3: North Korea claims Trump has ‘lit the wick of WAR’ – threatens ‘HAIL OF FIRE’”, Express – 10/11/2017 “US sends SECOND nuclear warship and 7,500 marines within strike range of North Korea “, Daily Star – 10/11/2017 … Continue reading

Be Prepared and Get Ready for War! It’s Getting Closer and Could be on Multiple Fronts

Editor’s Note: The US and the world are getting very close to war! It’s time to see what is going on and prepare. If you haven’t paid attention to the rising tensions between the US and Iran, Russia, China and N … Continue reading

Russia Is Getting Fed Up with America’s Positioning of Weapons. Wars Are Coming! Are You Ready?

"Putin: Russia will not sit idle while US deploys global anti-missile system", RT – 6/1/2017   Bible Prophecy Commentary: Wars are On Deck – Russia and America, two nations at odds with each other for quite some time. Are they … Continue reading