More Pillars of Smoke. Hills Melting. They Just Keep Erupting

"Volcanic unrest: Popocatepetl (Mexico), Sinabung (Indonesia), Fuego (Guatemala), Erta Ale (Ethiopia), Etna (Italy), Bogoslof (USA) and Pacaya (Guatemala)", Strange Sounds – 3/13/2017 Bible Prophecy Commentary: Signs in the Earth – As stated in the Bible before the Lord returns there … Continue reading

19 Volcanoes Going Off in World Just in the Last Week. Is God Warning Us That the Time is Short?

"19 volcanic eruptions last week – We are within a serious period of volcanic unrest", Strange Sounds – 11/27/2016 Bible Prophecy Commentary: Is God Sending Us Warnings Through "Hyper-Natural" Events? The earth, the land is mourning for the return of … Continue reading

Ring of Fire Volcanoes Shaking and Spewing on the Earth Now!

Editor's Note: Before he Lord returns many supernatural events will occur throughout the earth as the earth is mourning  – The world is full to the max of unrepentant sinners who have dissed Almighty God in favor of gross, poisonous … Continue reading