Tillerson Out – US Instability is On Display

“Trump Fires Rex Tillerson Over Iran Disagreement; Replaces Him With CIA Chief Mike Pompeo”, Zerohedge – 3/13/2018 “President Trump fires Rex Tillerson: Live updates”, CNN – 3/13/2018 BProphecy Commentary: Instability in the White House – I wonder what our enemies … Continue reading

What Will the US Response Be to the Recent NKorean ICBM Launch? More Talk or Action…

“It Can Reach Washington, DC”: Latest North Korean ICBM Can Hit Anywhere In The Continental US”, Zerohedge – 11/28/2017 “N. Korea: ICBM test used new launch vehicle, warhead able to re-enter Earth’s atmosphere”, RT – 11/29/2017 “War: North Korea Fires … Continue reading