N Korea May Be Tougher Than We Think

“Retired Green Beret Warns: “There Could Be A Nuclear Strike Against The United States Coming Soon””, SHTFPlan – 7/13/2017 BP Commentary: Think Major Wars Won’t Come … Think Again! – War talk is equating to war drums sounding louder and … Continue reading

WAR DRUMS: Russia Takes Aim in Syria, Russia Warns US F-16 in Baltic, US Shoots Down Iranian Drone

“Russian warning: US planes in W. Syria are targets”, DEBKAFile – 6-19-2017 “Russian Su-27 warns off NATO F-16 trying to approach defense minister’s plane over Baltic (VIDEO)”, RT – 6-21-2017 “War Drums: U.S. Shoots Down Iranian Drone Over Syria”, World … Continue reading

Russia Is Getting Fed Up with America’s Positioning of Weapons. Wars Are Coming! Are You Ready?

"Putin: Russia will not sit idle while US deploys global anti-missile system", RT – 6/1/2017   Bible Prophecy Commentary: Wars are On Deck – Russia and America, two nations at odds with each other for quite some time. Are they … Continue reading