Even Though Trump’s On Deck for the Next US President, Wars and Rumors of War Still Keep Coming

"Sweden is 'preparing for war': Officials are ordered to return to Cold War tactics and implement their Total Defence Strategy as fears of Russian invasion grow", Daily Mail – 12/14/2016 Bible Prophecy Commentary: Wars and Rumors of War – Looking … Continue reading

Are the Russians Playing Games? Or …? Many Ships on their Way to the Med

"Here comes the Royal Navy: World's most advanced destroyer HMS Duncan goes on the trail of Putin's ships … as Russia says UK has overreacted to the fleet lurking off British coast", Daily Mail – 10/20/2016 "NATO monitors Russian aircraft … Continue reading

Russia Preps For WAR – Iran Moves Warships Near Yemen – N. Korea Threatens — DEFCON 3 Sounded

"DEFCON Warning System – Update 10/13/16", DefConwarning System- 10/13/2016 "Russia Launches Martial Law Drills Preparing For Nuclear War As Russian General Warns Of Full-Scale Confrontation On All Fronts", ANP – 10/12/2016 "Are Russia and the U.S. Planning for War? Hacks, … Continue reading