Is the Red Horse of Rev 6 About to Release More Unrest of His Payload?

“Lebanese Army On “Full Combat Readiness” At Southern Border To Counter “Israeli Enemy””, Zerohedge – 11/21/2017 “LEBANON ARMY CHIEF ASKS TROOPS FOR READINESS AT ISRAEL BORDER”, Jerusalem Post – 11/21/2017 Bible Prophecy Commentary: More War Rumors – We can only … Continue reading

GOD IS WARNING: If You Mess With Israel, You Will Be Cut Into Pieces and Eventually Destroyed

“Bibi at U.N.: ‘Those who threaten us with annihilation put themselves in mortal peril’”, World Jewish Daily – 9/23/2017 Bible Prophecy Commentary: God and Israel –  And Bibi was 100% correct! Those who try and divide the land of Israel – … Continue reading

Israel Celebrates It’s 69 Year (or could it be it’s 70th?)

"Israel Concludes Memorial Day, Ushering in 69th Independence Day Celebrations", Haaretz- 5/1/2017 "Israelis move from mourning to feting 69 years of independence", The Times of Israel- 5/1/2017 Bible Prophecy Commentary: Keep Your Eyes and Ears on Israel – Israel is … Continue reading