Trump Strongly Warns Iran – You’re Playing with Fire!

"Trump tweets 'Iran is playing with fire'", YNet News – 2/3/2017 "White House Issues Unprecedented Warning to Iran", Sputnik – 2/1/2017 "Security Adviser Flynn says Iran ‘on notice’ after missile test", Fox News – 2/1/2017 Bible Prophecy Commentary: Wars and … Continue reading

Russia Preps For WAR – Iran Moves Warships Near Yemen – N. Korea Threatens — DEFCON 3 Sounded

"DEFCON Warning System – Update 10/13/16", DefConwarning System- 10/13/2016 "Russia Launches Martial Law Drills Preparing For Nuclear War As Russian General Warns Of Full-Scale Confrontation On All Fronts", ANP – 10/12/2016 "Are Russia and the U.S. Planning for War? Hacks, … Continue reading

America Caves to Iran … Again. US Warships Run Away from Iran’s Motorized Canoes

"Iranian boats swarm US warship, force it to change course in Persian Gulf", Stars and Stripes – 8/6/2016 Bible Prophecy Commentary: America Running Scared; Definitely No Longer Great – Unbelievable! Embarrassing! Humiliating! Disgraceful! Sickening! And for the fifth time in … Continue reading