Russia Prepares for War Lining NKorean Border with Troops

“Signs Of War: Russian Military Deploys Marines On North Korean Border”, SHTFPlan – 11/30/2017 “North Korea crisis: Russia demands the US and Seoul halt military exercises amid WW3 fears”, Express   Bible Prophecy Commentary: There Will Be War – Although … Continue reading

Great Global Storm Coming: Revelation Horses Ready to Ride but … Are You Prepared?

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N. Korean Madman Leader With His Hands on Nuke Capability

"Kim Jong Un says N Korea has hydrogen bomb, becomes powerful nuclear state", SouthFront – 10/12/2015 "North Korea warns U.S. it's ready to use nuclear weapons 'any time'", CNN – 9/15/2015 Bible Prophecy Commentary: This World is Becoming More Evil … Continue reading