What Would You Do if an EMP Attack Occurred? Are You Ready?

"Amerageddon: America Without Electricity", Prophecy News Watch – 8/20/2016 "Reports: U.S. Very Vulnerable To A Mass-Blackout EMP Attack", The Daily Caller – 5/18/2016 "The EMP Threat Is Real and Growing", US News – 10/1/2015 "NORAD Returns to Cheyenne, Warns of … Continue reading

Deception or Truth: Iran, N. Korea EMP Threats

"“We’re In No Danger” – The Iranian EMP Threat: Who do YOU Believe?", Jeremiah Johnson/SHTF.com – 1/18/2016 "Expert: North Korea H-bomb is 'super-EMP weapon'", WND – 1/6/2016   Bible Prophecy Commentary: EMP Weapon – Deception, Threats, Reality – There are … Continue reading

Whether Cyberattack, Solar Flare or EMP – If it Happens, Will You Be Prepared?

The following article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse Blog. His articles are spot on and his relentless research gives us a glimpse of what clearly may happen in the days ahead. I challenge you to … Continue reading