Deception is Gaining Traction – The New World Order is Coming

“The New World Order Takeover Is Very Real: “A Full Spectrum Destabilization Of The Old World Financial And Geopolitical System”, SHTFPlan – 7/12/2017 Bible Prophecy Commentary: New World Order Coming – Many people are just sailing along in their carefree … Continue reading

Compromise, False Gospel, Deception: Many of America’s “Faith” Leaders Endorse the Movie – “The Shack”

"“1000 Faith Leaders” Endorse The Shack: An Apostle Says “Avoid Them", Pulpit & Pen – 3/13/2017 "“The Shack” to be the next blasphemous blockbuster film", Berean Research – 12/2/2016 "SIX MAJOR PROBLEMS WITH THE SHACK", Leading the Way – 2/24/2017 … Continue reading

More Games = More Idolatry, Deception and Distraction

"Survival? These Pokemon Go Zombies Failed At Reality: “Bumping Into Things, Falling From a Cliff”", Slavo – 7/21/2016   Bible Prophecy Commentary : Deception and Idolatry – Absolutely incredible and unbelievable! People are putting their lives at risk playing … Continue reading